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2016 absurd_res anthro armor barbarian bear big_breasts bikini black_eyes black_fur black_hair breasts claws clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) eyebrows female fur hair hi_res huge_breasts ikusame jklind looking_at_viewer mammal melee_weapon navel nipple_slip nipples obese overweight panda pandaren polearm simple_background skimpy solo spreading swimsuit thick_thighs video_games warcraft weapon white_sclera wide_hips

Rating: Questionable
Score: 9
User: Huoyue
Date: January 26, 2016 ↑9 ♥52 C0 Q anthro big_breasts breasts cleavage clothed clothing female jklind mammal monochrome mouse overalls rodent solo tools wrench

Rating: Questionable
Score: 1
User: Juni221
Date: November 01, 2014 ↑1 ♥12 C0 Q big_breasts bikini blonde_hair breasts clothing daisy_(character) dialogue dwarf eyewear female glasses hair headband humanoid humor jklind jump_rope not_furry solo swimsuit text

Rating: Questionable
Score: 1
User: Acolyte
Date: March 16, 2014 ↑1 ♥22 C1 Q <3 anthro asymmetrical_docking big_breasts blue_eyes border breast_squish breasts breasts_frottage chloe_sinclaire dialogue duo english_text eye_contact female female/female fluffy_tail fur hair hands_behind_back hybrid inner_ear_fluff jklind long_hair mammal nipples nude ponytail side_boob silver_hair skunk smile striped_fur stripes text white_hair zig_zag

Rating: Explicit
Score: 11
User: DarkAngel
Date: July 15, 2012 ↑11 ♥76 C3 E

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