anthro bat big_breasts blush breasts censor_bar censored clothed clothing comic drinking echidna eyes_closed female fur hair hi_res humor knuckles_the_echidna long_hair male mammal monotreme purity puritylf4 raised_arm red_body rouge_the_bat sitting sonic_(series) stretching topless wardrobe_malfunction white_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 7
User: Xch3l
Date: October 25, 2012 ↑7 ♥21 C5 S amy_rose anthro avian bat bird black_fur blaze_the_cat blood blue_fur canine cat chameleon cream_the_rabbit digital_media_(artwork) dr._eggman echidna espio_the_chameleon feline female fox fur hawk hedgehog jet_the_hawk knuckles_the_echidna lizard male mammal meme miles_prower mixed_media monotreme multiple_images puritylf4 real reptile rouge_the_bat scalie shadow_the_hedgehog silver_the_hedgehog solo sonic_(series) sonic_riders sonic_the_hedgehog swallow_(bird) wave_the_swallow

Rating: Safe
Score: 2
User: Dogenzaka
Date: August 03, 2009 ↑2 ♥27 C27 S

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