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anthro areola bear big_breasts black_fur blonde_hair breasts canine duo female fox fur grin hair long_hair mammal moon multi_breast naturally_censored night nipples nude orange_fur outside panda shiny_breasts sitting voluptuous white_fur 

Rating: Questionable 
Score: 30 
User: voldosbt 
Date: September 10, 2013 ↑30 ♥86 C3 Q amber_eyes anthro big_breasts blaze_the_cat blue_body blue_hair breasts cat clothing feline female fur hair hedgehog huge_breasts male mammal nipples open_shirt plain_background ponytail purple_fur purple_nipples shiny_breasts shirt sonic_(series) sonic_the_hedgehog unknown_artist white_pupils yellow_background 

Rating: Questionable 
Score: 0 
User: Test-Subject_217601 
Date: August 02, 2011 ↕0 ♥6 C2 Q anthro big_breasts breasts canine clothing costume female flashing fox gloves lingerie mammal max_blackrabbit nipples shiny shiny_breasts solo striptease teddy wheel_cap_nipples 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 4 
User: misspriss 
Date: December 16, 2009 ↑4 ♥75 C4 E

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