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4_toes aircraft airplane anthro bare_shoulders barefoot beverage bikini black_nose blue_fur blue_hair canine clothing female food fox fur hair hi_res krystal mammal nintendo open_mouth patriotism politics sitting solo spitfire star_fox swimsuit tea toes tongue union_jack united_kingdom unknown_artist video_games white_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 64
User: Cαnε751
Date: February 23, 2015 ↑64 ♥136 C8 S 3-d_man absolutely_everyone abyss agent_venom alex_power alexis amadeus_cho anarchist ant-man_(scott_lang) anthro arthropod artie astra aurora_(marvel) avian axel_alonso b'nee_(warstar) balder beast_(marvel) benjamin_deeds beta_ray_bill bird black_bolt black_panther black_swan blue_marvel brian_posehn broo c'cil_(warstar) cable canine cannonball captain_america captain_britain captain_marvel captain_universe ch'od chat_cable cloak clothing colleen_wing colossus_(marvel) cr'reee crystal cyclops d-man dagger danielle_jones-cage daredevil_(marvel) darkhawk darla_deering deadpool declan_shalvey devil_dinosaur dinosaur dog dogpool domino_(marvel) doop dr._strange dragon dragon_man drax dust earthquake electron elsa_bloodstone emma_frost eva_bell evil_deadpool ex_nihilo eye-robot fabio_medina falcon fandral fangs feline female fin_fang_foom flash_thompson flora_fauna forbush_man franklin_richards frog_thor gamora gargoyle gerry_duggan ghost_rider giant_man gladiator gorgon gorilla_man gravity groot group guardian guardians_of_the_galaxy hairball hammer havok hawkeye hercules hobgoblin hogun honey_lemon hulk human_torch humanoid hussar hyperion insect invisible_woman iron_fist iron_man jack_power jessica_jones jim_hammond_the_original_human_torch jimmy_woo jordan_white jordie_bellaire jubilee karnak katie_power kid_gladiator kitty_pryde korr krakoa lady_deadpool leech_(marvel) lockheed lockjaw lucy_in_the_sky luke_cage m-11 machine_man madrox_the_multiple_man magic_user magik magneto male mammal man-thing manifold manta mantis marrina marvel medusa meggan melee_weapon mentor mik mike_hawthorne misty_knight monkey_joe moon-boy moon_knight mr._fantastic ms._lion mustelid namor namora neuron nightcrawler nighthawk nightmask northstar nova odin onome oracle panther photon pixie plant polearm prodigy psylocke puck pulsar_(also_known_as_impulse) quasar quentin_quire quicksilver raccoon rachel_summers rage raunak red_guardian red_hulk red_raven rocket_raccoon rodent rogue sasquatch scalie scarlet_spider scintilla scott_koblish shaman shanna_the_she-devil she-hulk silver_surfer siryn smasher snowbird son_of_satan spider-man_(character) spider-man_(series) spider-woman spitfire squirrel squirrel_girl star-lord starbolt starbrand starfox_(marvel) static_(marvel) stingray storm sunfire sunspot tag_panic the_champion the_collective_man the_fin the_impossible_man the_original_angel the_original_beast the_original_cyclops the_original_iceman the_original_marvel_girl the_scarlet_witch the_shroud the_stepford_cuckoos the_thing the_vision the_wasp the_watcher thor-girl thor_(marvel) tiger tigra tong tools transonic tree triage tribal_spellcaster trident triton_(marvel) union_jack unknown_artist val_richards val_staples valkyrie_(marvel) velocidad venom venus video_games vindicator volstagg weapon wedding white_tiger wiccan widget wolverine wonder_man wu x-men yondu zombie_headpool

Rating: Safe
Score: 16
User: Lyokira
Date: April 11, 2014 ↑16 ♥61 C24 S 2012 abs biceps black_scales bone_crest clothed clothing crest crown dragon gem horn looking_at_viewer male muscular pecs pose red_belly red_eyes ruby_(disambiguation) scales scalie solo spitfire tidmatiger topless wings

Rating: Safe
Score: 19
User: Maraxxus
Date: September 01, 2012 ↑19 ♥61 C3 S 2010 aircraft airplane anthro big_breasts breasts canine clothing english_text female fox hair long_hair mammal poster propaganda richard_bartrop solo spitfire text uniform

Rating: Questionable
Score: 5
User: matriks
Date: July 17, 2011 ↑5 ♥30 C1 Q

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