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anatomically_correct anatomically_correct_penis animal_genitalia anthro avian barbs bdsm bird blush canary cat claws cum feline feline_penis fellatio group interspecies key looney_tunes male male/male mammal meghan_mauriat mouse oral penis predator/prey_relations red_nose rodent sex shackles speedy_gonzales sylvester tongue tongue_out tweety_bird warner_brothers wince

Rating: Explicit
Score: 10
User: metalslayer777
Date: May 09, 2015 ↑10 ♥45 C3 E 2014 avian bird brown_fur crossover discord_(mlp) duo feathers feline female friendship_is_magic fur hair looney_tunes male mammal multicolored_hair my_little_pony orlandofox princess_celestia_(mlp) red_eyes sylvester teeth tongue tweety_bird warner_brothers white_feathers yellow_sclera

Rating: Safe
Score: 7
User: DeltaFlame
Date: February 25, 2015 ↑7 ♥14 C1 S anthro avian bird bugs_bunny canary canine chicken clothing coyote crossdressing daffy_duck dodo duck elmer_fudd female feral foghorn_leghorn granny_(looney_tunes) group human kill_la_kill lagomorph looney_tunes male mammal marsupial melee_weapon michaelmayne parody pepé_le_pew pig porcine porky_pig rabbit school_uniform skirt skunk sword tasmanian_devil taz_(looney_tunes) tweety_bird uniform warner_brothers weapon wily_e_coyote yosemite_sam

Rating: Safe
Score: 5
User: parasprite
Date: December 18, 2014 ↑5 ♥20 C7 S bald cage looney_tunes male nightmare_fuel solo tweety_bird uncanny_valley warner_brothers

Rating: Questionable
Score: 3
User: n_n
Date: July 05, 2012 ↑3 ♥8 C16 Q anthro aoogah avian bbmbbf cum duo female looney_tunes male male/female palcomix penetration penis sex tweety_bird vaginal vaginal_penetration warner_brothers

Rating: Explicit
Score: 4
User: chilebilly6754
Date: November 06, 2011 ↑4 ♥16 C2 E ambiguous_gender anthro avian bird cute eyes_closed flower french_hat green_background looney_tunes plant simple_background solo textured_background toony tweety_bird unknown_artist warner_brothers

Rating: Safe
Score: 1
User: MoonstarWolf
Date: June 13, 2011 ↑1 ♥1 C3 S anthro babs_bunny bugs_bunny buster_bunny calamity_coyote cat classic comic elmer_fudd feline female fifi_la_fume french furrball greyscale group itchy_(the_simpsons) karri_aronen lagomorph looney_tunes male male/female mammal marvin_the_martian monochrome plucky_duck rabbit scratchy_(the_simpsons) skunk the_simpsons tiny_toon_adventures tweety_bird vintage warner_brothers wile_e._coyote

Rating: Explicit
Score: 3
User: Richie
Date: March 14, 2011 ↑3 ♥27 C1 E anthro avian bird canary cigar duo feline galgard gun looney_tunes male mammal ranged_weapon smoking submachine_gun sylvester thompson_gun tweety_bird warner_brothers weapon

Rating: Safe
Score: 3
User: DicksUponDicks
Date: March 09, 2011 ↑3 ♥16 C2 S 2013 alex_spastic ambiguous_gender anthro avian bird dinosaur duo extinct feral looney_tunes male monochrome scales scalie simple_background toony tweety_bird vore warner_brothers white_background

Rating: Safe
Score: 0
User: AlexSpastic
Date: June 01, 2010 ↕0 ♥4 C0 S all_fours ambiguous_gender avian bird blush butt canary cat cum duo feline looney_tunes male mammal sylvester tweety_bird unknown_artist warner_brothers

Rating: Explicit
Score: 2
User: Air_From_Above
Date: December 26, 2009 ↑2 ♥9 C2 E

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