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Maybe you meant: zerako, zeralus, zeratanus, or zeratul
angry anthro arguing belly breasts female frostedscales fwosty group line_art nipples nude pterodactyl pussy skyes tongue zera

Rating: Explicit
Score: 2
User: FrostedScales
Date: November 03, 2015 ↑2 ♥4 C2 E abstract_background breasts fan_character female hair looking_at_viewer nintendo pointy_ears priest red_eyes red_hair simple_background solo the_legend_of_zelda twili video_games zera

Rating: Questionable
Score: 6
User: EmperorLelouch
Date: October 27, 2011 ↑6 ♥27 C0 Q <3 anthro eyewear flag gay_pride looking_at_viewer male mercury_(artist) piercing rainbow rainbow_flag rainbow_symbol smirk solo stated_homosexuality stripes sunglasses super_gay zera

Rating: Safe
Score: 0
User: Zera777
Date: July 18, 2009 ↕0 ♥5 C3 S anthro camo chimera clothed clothing half-dressed hybrid lying male on_back pose relaxing smoking solo topless zera

Rating: Safe
Score: 0
User: Zera777
Date: June 07, 2009 ↕0 ♥2 C0 S anthro attitude camo canine chimera clothing colored_pencil_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) feline gloves hybrid jackal male mammal military mixed_media siberian_tiger smoke solo tiger traditional_media_(artwork) zera

Rating: Safe
Score: 1
User: Zera777
Date: June 07, 2009 ↑1 ♥3 C0 S

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