e621 2008 american_football anthro ball blotch canine carrying clothing cloud cuddling devlin_miski duo feline firebirds football_(ball) fox grass hindpaw holding_ball kyell_gold love male mammal out_of_position outside paws romantic_couple shoulder_carry sky sport tiger wiley_farrel

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awwwwww =) this be so cute


I don't see how this is gay...oh wait it's football.


Sysan said:
I don't see how this is gay

It's that these characters are gay. But ok anyway...


This person's backgrounds are wonderful, as is everything else. I don't care if it's gay or not, a good piece is a good piece.


Looks like Marcus from Cruelty.

7 years ago
2015 abstract_background ambiguous_form ambiguous_gender black_fur black_nose blue_eyes canine collar cum cum_on_face fangs fur grey_fur headshot_portrait inner_ear_fluff kalira licking licking_lips lobo long_mouth looking_at_viewer mammal portrait shadow snout solo teeth tongue tongue_out whiskers white_fur wolf

Rating: Explicit
Score: 47
User: Lobo
Date: October 13, 2015

Good backgrounds in furry art?!

Surely, hell has frozen over!

I sure hope he isn't confused and throw him down like a football for a touchdown <.<

lol it does look like marcus from cruelty

homo343 said:
lol it does look like marcus from cruelty

Except Marcus is a tan Fennec fox and Lee is a red fox... They may be the same species, but they look different.