e621 ambiguous_penetration armwear blindfold breasts canine clothing collar dmitrys dog elbow_gloves female feral gloves great_dane handcuffs human leash legwear mammal nipple_piercing nipples penetration piercing sex_toy shackles stockings vibrator

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6 years ago
absurd_res anthro armwear bathgate21 big_breasts big_feet black_eyes blonde_hair breasts buckteeth bugs_bunny cleavage clothed clothing corset crossgender elbow_gloves female flower fur gloves grey_fur hair hat hi_res jewelry lagomorph legwear lingerie lipstick long_hair looking_at_viewer looney_tunes makeup mammal mannequin mirror necklace pink_nose plant rabbit sitting skimpy smile solo stockings stool teeth warner_brothers whiskers white_fur window ♂

Rating: Questionable
Score: 22
User: Fur_in_the_dark
Date: November 05, 2016

I often try to come up with titles for some of these oics, this one should either be "Love is Blind" or "Walkies".

With the blindfold is she not supposed to know who's holding the other end of her leash?