e621 animated bestiality canine dog female feral fiona german_shepherd human human_on_feral interspecies loop male male/female mammal open_mouth washa


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those eyes...ftwtf?

Watch this with Island in the Sun by Weezer in the background.

iamli3 said:
this is a repost....

Actually, no, it's not. It's a slight edit, but it's also completely new. The Fiona x Hewie pic before was where Fiona was clothed, so it's what we call "clothed sex". This one, has animation, and it's also diffrent in the way that Fiona's nude in this pic. See, minor changes.

this is beastialty not furry hentai

5 years ago

etat55 said:
this is beastialty not furry hentai

and your point is?