Oh dear
I don't have fur or fluffiness of any kind. The only thing covering my body is goo.
That's too bad isn't it, Mr. Furry, haha.
You want to fuck me?
Take a moment to get a good look.
e621 alternate_color anthro breasts crossed_legs dialogue dragon eyelashes featureless_breasts female goodra half-closed_eyes hi_res japanese_text melonleaf nintendo non-mammal_breasts open_mouth pokémon pokémon_(species) pokémorph seductive sitting slime smile solo text thick_thighs translated video_games

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Is that supposed to put me off or something?


I'm looking, and I'm loving it.


"That's too bad, Mr Furry" What about amphibies? Heck, even a scalie could go for you, being a dragon and all.


Whygena-Draws said:
Is that supposed to put me off or something?

It might be for those who aren't fans of sloppy seconds.


I need u right now

1 year ago
2018 black_scales caelthar claws collar confusion digital_media_(artwork) dragon feral horn kodardragon looking_at_viewer male membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings open_mouth plushie scales scalie simple_background solo standing teeth toe_claws toes tongue western_dragon wings

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Score: 159
User: Millcore
Date: September 13, 2018

Don't know what's with the put offs, I'd hit it. ^_^


sorry all I hear is:
"I am aways pre-lubed use me master".
or am I wrong?


great! And thanks for the translation