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“Mom, I’m not going! Easter egg hunts are for kids!”

Ellie huffed as she continued to work in the kitchen, there was so much planning to do, making the Easter egg baskets for the local church group, filling up some of the plastic eggs with candy. Even though she didn’t attend the church that often she was still seen as the neighborhood Den Mother and all eyes were constantly upon her to take care of local gatherings. She made a bit of a to-do about it, but in truth she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m serious Mom.” Sherri huffed right back, leaning against the doorway with her arms folded over her chest.

“Sweetie, if you don’t want to go, you don’t have to go. Just don’t be mad if there isn’t any candy left.” Ellie hummed in a sing song voice but Sherri merely groaned in response. “Besides, I heard that Maria is going to be there.”

“Yech! Now I definitely don’t want to go.” Sherri meandered into the kitchen, defiantly grabbing at a small bag of robin eggs to pop open. She loved the texture of the scratchy chocolate candy rolling against her tongue as she chewed, this was the only palatable part about Easter.

“Be careful with those, don’t want too many eggs in your tummy before the egg hunt!” Ellie teased, gently swatting at Sherri’s rear. “I have a feeling you’re going to need extra room this year.”

Sherri rolled her eyes, folding arms over her chest. “Mom. For the last time. I’m not going!”

Ellie merely smiled at her daughter as the doorbell rang, her ears twitched as she glanced to the door. “I’ll get it.” The large woman made her way to the door, yet Sherri thought nothing of it, until… “Oh Vallie, I’m so glad you could come today!”

Sherri’s eyes widened, oh please not that woman. That witch! “Mom! Nonono! Noooh!” Sherri cried out as she ran to the door to try and close it before the skunk stepped inside, but it was too late. Vallie was standing at the door alone. “Mom.. Wher-HYIHN!” Sherri barked out, her body suddenly captured from behind by large elephant arms that pulled her up from where she stood.

“Ellie and I had been planning something very special for Easter this year. And since you don’t feel like volunteering with hiding the eggs, we figured there’s something else you could do.” Vallie giggled as Sherri was hoisted off into the kitchen by Ellie.

Vallie happily followed, her mobile-witchcraft case in tow. “Oh shush, it’s going to be fun!” The skunkette spoke as she set the case down on the kitchen counter, all the while Sherri squirmed and struggled in Ellie’s grasp. Thankfully Ellie had plenty of experience undressing the girl, two hands and a trunk made things a hell of a lot easier. …But a pair of zipties never hurt.

“Not too tight, we want to make sure we can get them off without hurting her.” Vallie chided as she pulled out a few simple ingredients, among them was a basic easter egg dye kit.

“Mommmm! Noohh I don’t want to!” Sherri cried out, she didn’t know what Ellie and Vallie had planned but she definitely didn’t like it, she bit down on her lower lip when a cool metallic sensation pressed against her pussy. A speculum, and it was prying her folds apart. “Cc-ccold!” Sherri trembled as she tried to look back and Vallie began pouring a seemingly innocent mixture of Easter Egg Dye mixed with some of her magical components into Sherri’s pussy.

The water felt warm against her body, and the speculum was closed so that the mixture could seep into her muscles. Her pawtoes curled tightly, and she could instantly feel a pressure against her frame. Her breasts began to swell and it was matched with her hips. Her canine jaw shifted back and became a cute little twitching bunny nose. She wasn’t aware of the sensations or what exactly was happening to her, but she could just imagine what Vallie had planned. “MMmakeeitstoppp!” Sherri pleaded as her body surged with warmth.

Vallie had gotten much better with her concoctions, especially since it was Ellie’s daughter that she was experimenting with. That milfy momma-phant wouldn’t have her babygirl going through anything painful, even if she was being a brat. “Mmm, a bunnygirl for a couple days.”

Ellie’s eyes flashed lustily as she stared at the luscious breeding bunny of a daughter, those cute little bunnypaws and that twitching tail. “Oh, I’ll definitely make the most of it!” She sneered and looked back to Vallie who pulled an ordinary turkey baster from her bag.

The tip was plugged but inside was a rainbow of creamy essence that swirled like a lavalamp but with the shimmering pattern of colored sand in a glass. “Good.. But for now.” Vallie licked at her lips and unplugged the top, only to press the tip firmly into Sherri’s pussy.

The essence of holiday spirit, combined with a load of bunny-jizz collected from a helpful donor was just what she needed to get Sherri into the Easter Bunny attitude! The thick viscous cum was warm, as if it had just been milked from a hot lusty cock and was pouring directly into her womb. It was different than a dick’s orgasm, instead of hot ropes, this was like a sudden gusher against her cervix. Sheri’s eyes widened, her jaw opening as she felt her body seize up. “Ghhkkhhk!” Sherri gagged as she felt the steamy hot cum almost paralyze her from the inside out!

Sherri’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as the large dose of fertile jizz poured inside, it was so hot, so thick, the combination of that and her body getting used to a new shape caused her to black out…

Almost an hour later and Sherri was happily placed in the garden, Ivy’s work was done all that was left to do was for Sherri to give in. “Oh my.. I bet you’re just about ready to pop aren’t you?” Ivy teased as she pulled up her plate of tea. The sight of her experiment writhing in pleasure was just one of the many perks that she found enjoyable in her profession. Her eyes peering over as Sherri panted for air, her legs spread and her pawtoes pressed firmly into the ground.

“Hahh.. Dammit.. Vallie.. Valie..” She hissed as her body started to push without her consent, a large colorful egg started to push from between her folds, the tip poking through covered in her juices, it was larger than Vallie had intended but it just proved how fertile Sherri was. Sherri’s buck teeth pinched into her bottom lip as it slowly pushed free from her body and rolled into the grass. A beautiful yellow and blue egg would join the others.

Where had they come from, Sherri wondered for a split second, her eyes darting back to Vallie who only poked her tongue out with a grin. “Hahh.. how.. How many girls?!” Sherri whined, as she grit her teeth, another egg slowly pushing from her slit.

“Who said they were only girls?” Vallie smirked and took a sip from her tea, as if on cue there was a squawking yelp that came from the distance. The Easter bunny would need all the help she could get!

Sherri breathed in faster, her heart racing as she felt another push from her body, a larger egg started to push from her canal and messily popped free from her pussy.


“Houuhhhfffghkkk!” Sherri groaned as she felt her body fall back, her heavy milk laden breasts starting to dribble creamy nectar from those puffy blue nipples. Her tongue fell from the side of her maw, after the first one the second one didn’t hurt at all, it felt good, stretching her walls as it slipped out. Another one was on its way, her pawtoes curled tightly as she felt the rhythm of her body, this time a large pink one was pushing out. It was slowly tingling along her body, pleasure cascading through her frame as she shuddered in ecstasy.

Her body could only combat the strain she felt by overloading her with dopamine, effectively drugging her of the pain, yet such an intense sensation from such a tender area was treated as pleasure by her nerve endings. She couldn’t stop herself anymore, she had to keep pushing, it felt so good and a fourth one slowly rolled free.

A full clutch of eggs had slipped free from Sherri’s body yet her tummy remained full, every time an egg popped free the fertile lapine jizz merely impregnated her with another egg for her to lay. It was an endless cycle, her body tormented with pleasure, her eyes had rolled into the back of her head as she lay there trembling with lust. It had been over an hour now and Ellie had come to collect the eggs for the hunt that was set to start shortly.

“Oh wow.. Vallie you outdid yourself this time!” Ellie cooed over to her favorite skunk, lightly tucking her trunk between her lips and nibbling as she saw such a delightful sight. “You sure I can’t enjoy her pussy, just for a little bit?”

“Nope, I’m afraid she’ll need to be like this just for a little longer, but I’m sure I can help you!” Vallie kicked off her high heels and Ellie sat across from the cute skunkette. The milfy phant was dressed so sweetly for the event, a floral bright blue sun-dress and a large summer hat rest upon her head. Vallie couldn’t help but be a little jealous of Sherri, getting to enjoy so much time with that luscious milf. The thought briefly crossed her mind about asking Ellie about giving Sherri a ‘Step-Mom.’ Her thoughts were distracted when she saw Ellie slip the dress to the side revealing her soggy girthy cock.

But what most caught Vallie’s attention was the fact that Ellie’s swollen balls were painted, dyed and made up with bright summer colors. Ellie smirked when she caught the cute skunk gazing at her thick sac. “I thought you might want to participate in the Egg Hunt too..”

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very nice!


There's been a lot of Stuffing going on this Easter.

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That ending was un-needed.


Easter day came earlier this year