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5 years ago


5 years ago

My god.... And the dragon is just starring at his eyes the whole time...

Dammit Bobby !!!!

JustJohn11 said:
Wait if they say AIDS came from a guy fucking a monkey... what could you get from a dragon...?

A hell of a fun night.


This is pretty awesome.

that looks like Cynder from Spyro >.>

Ghosti said:
Considering the dragon most probably has a cloaca and he does not seem to be wearing a condom... not really.

Your logic makes no sense to me.

Anon_Bass said:
that looks like Cynder from Spyro >.>

kinda maybe with a different head shape and different horns

CyberRedneckFurry said:
I'd want to cum in her over and over, even if it makes dozens of eggs that will hatch babies that rip me down to my bones.

What :/

trevorlanch said:
What :/

I outta punch you for necroizing that year old comment.

Princess_Celestia said:
I outta punch you for necroizing that year old comment.

Tee hee.
I never paid any mind to comment age here. I guess I don't see image posts as threads that expire with the march of time, and I extend that to the comments as well.

Evenio said:
A hell of a fun night.

occupational hazzard X) id gladly take the sstd to get a dragon whenever :P

3 years ago
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Rating: Explicit
Score: 28
User: chdgs
Date: July 29, 2015

this looks like mind control to me

Pas mal.