Even my doctor didn't know how to cure it...
Is there any way to fix it?
I used to be able to enjoy the beauty of the scenery here, but it's all just gloomy and dark now. Even the parts very close to my house may soon be nothing more than total darkness before my eyes.
...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to trick you...my eyes are still being affected by the illness.
Rosemi-san, when you said your eyesight was bad...
Oh my...
Rosemi-san, that's the scarecrow.
I have some tea for you, Swampert-san!
More than just selling the Substitutes in town, he began to help around the orchard and even took Thundurus for walks.
And so it was that Swampert went to see Rosemi with every dawning of the sun.
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This is a very strange relationship to have with a legendary Pokemon. (Thundurus)