e621 absurd_res angry anthro beauty_mark big_breasts black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sclera blush bob-omb bow_tie breasts brown_eyes brown_hair butt cellphone chansey chatalie child cleavage clothed clothing collar crossover dialogue dress english_text eyelashes eyeless eyewear fakémon featureless_crotch female flying_sweatdrops gastropod goggles goldeen gorillaz green_eyes group hair hi_res holding_character human humanoid hybrid jynx larger_female licking licking_lips lipstick makeup male mammal marine mario_bros mask mataknight multiple_images muscular nickelodeon nintendo noodle_(gorillaz) one_eye_closed orange_hair outta_sync overalls pat_(outta_sync) patrick_star phone pink_hair pointy_ears pokémon pokémon_(species) purple_eyes red_hair saliva shadow shy-bomb shygirl shyguy signature simple_background size_difference slug smaller_male smile sphinx spiked_collar spikes spongebob_squarepants starfish sweat sweatdrop text toad_(mario) togepi tongue tongue_out tools video_games water white_background wind-up_key wings wrench yo-kai yo-kai_watch young

▼ Description

A bunch of paintings I did over the week. This was pretty fun to do!

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lol Patrick


Love that tough looking toad girl!


Patrick is the plumber we deserve.


IguanasAreCool said:
Patrick is the plumber we deserve.

And his own video game... maybe a side scroller? nah...

something like Sunset Overdrive.

Reciter5613 said:
Love that tough looking toad girl!

A koopa-toad.



CLEARLY, the leak is in Finland.