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▼ Loosening Up the Wolfdog

Responsible for animation, character mods, and editing only.
Voices are from Pornhub.

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hehe hope theres ganna be a 2nd part


What a surprising level of quality.


God the sound and animation. I want more (gay)


This animator is amazing! I personally love when animations like this use audio from real porn videos rather than trying to do it themselves or with a commissioned voice actor.


why does the guy fingering him remind me of johnny bravo


Professor_genki_666 said:
why does the guy fingering him remind me of johnny bravo



Wow. I'm actually pretty impressed with this. The animation is good, and the audio actually adds a lot, with the moaning and giggling and all. Great choice.

Definitely hoping for a second part to this one - and more from this guy in general


The animation is extremely well done, everything looks awesome... But the audio, goddamn, it's so cute... Could we have a link to it ? Pretty please ?


Love everything about this <3


the dog looks pretty disappointed that he left