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▼ Bolt on the Couch

Responsible for animation, mods, and editing only.
Voices are from Pornhub.

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Bolt???? I'm cumming


I can't listen to porn audio without bursting out laughing.


ok...so WOW!!!


Nice but needs some work!


That's right Bolt, ass sex hurts!


justafan said:
That's right Bolt, ass sex hurts!

...You're doing it wrong. Unless you want it to hurt, I guess...


The kind of CGI used here makes him look like a dog from the Paw Patrol.


First couple seconds looked like Peter nailing brian.


Voices from pornhub? Explains everything x3

This is such a turn on! I love all the different camera angles.

Foxite said:
...You're doing it wrong. Unless you want it to hurt, I guess...

Doesn't look like he's hurting. Looks like he's just really enjoying himself


his face at the very end is so precious <3

Does anybody know the original pornhub video if so can you link it to me 😁

realistic sounds tho.

With a little rendering work and a change from human to anthro or feral, this animation would be pretty good. +1 upvote!

Maaaan, Keyfeather has fast become my all-time favourite furry CGI animator. I can't believe how organic and convincing his work is.. it really forces you to feel something, which is such an exciting feeling with furry stuff. Amazing, please don't ever stop!