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I'm sorry she isn't completely nude. Modding her to this state was complicated enough.
Voice from Pornhub.

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I hope this is a wip because I would love to see this finished.

1 year ago
2016 anthro aww black_nose breasts brown_eyes canid canine casual_nudity convenient_censorship detailed_background disney duo eyebrows eyelashes female flower flower_in_hair fluffy fluffy_tail fox fur half-closed_eyes heresy_(artist) hi_res humanoid_hands maid_marian male male/female mammal multicolored_fur nipples nude open_mouth open_smile orange_fur outside pecs pink_nipples pink_tongue plant robin_hood robin_hood_(disney) romantic romantic_ambiance romantic_couple side_boob skinny_dipping slightly_chubby slim smile social_nudity standing teeth tongue two_tone_fur water waterfall watermark wet white_belly white_fur

Rating: Questionable
Score: 324
User: Every1DrinkBeer
Date: March 26, 2016

Needs a better angle IMO.


Haoss said:
Needs a better angle IMO.

Yeah can't see anything.


At least her ankles are covered. How modest. :P


Calterack said:
At least her ankles are covered. How modest. :P

It's always nice to see a little decency on sites like these.


love that little grimace at the end

That moment when an absolute gem of an animator comes out of left field and blows everyone away. O_O


For some reason the only thought that came to mind was that it looked like Jak&Daxter animation

Blowing off some steam