e621 2017 black_nose blush bound bow canine clitoris cloud cunnilingus duo eeveelution espeon eye_contact female female/female feral feral_on_feral flower fur garruuk grass lying mammal multicolored_fur nature nintendo on_back one_eye_closed oral outside pink_eyes plant pokémon pokémon_(species) purple_fur pussy pussy_juice pussy_juice_drip pussy_juice_in_mouth pussy_juice_on_face quadruped sex shiny shiny_pokémon spread_legs spreading sylveon tongue tree vaginal video_games wink wrapping

▼ Description
▼ Description

Current favorite couple of Lightsouls, Ruby and Eliza! Tried doing a more cartoony style, inspired by Blitzdragon.

Sylveon is female according to the artist

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