e621 ambiguous_gender anisodactyl aquasixio avian beak bird detailed_background feathered_wings feathers feral flower grey_feathers hi_res inside musical_instrument musical_note owl piano plant playing_music sheet_music solo standing sunbeam tail_feathers window wings

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Piano Lesson

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Omg this looks awsome


And people say there's no talent on deviantart.


CoupDeGrace said:
And people say there's no talent on deviantart.

There is SO much talent on Deviantart, it's ridiculous. I loved EVERYTHING this guy drew but could only upload a tenth of it.

There's a LOT of crap too, but SO much beautiful art.

(oh wow, you made it your avatar too! Squee!)


dracotay said:

Great selection .

I believe I listen to that channel at times.