e621 2017 ambiguous_gender aspeneyes black_markings canid canine crescent_moon detailed_background eyes_closed feral forest fur grey_fur lying mammal markings moon outside saturn_symbol sleeping snow solo star sun_symbol tree winter_solstic

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a new day begins

the light returns-- I was really feeling solstice this year, especially with Saturn entering Capricorn for the first time in 29 or so years, just a day and a half before the sun--as it does every year on the winter solstice--entered Capricorn as well. And thus begins my Saturn return-- those of you familiar with astrology now know I am old, oops.

Solstice is one of my favorite moments of the solar year-- I love the feeling of everything standing still in the darkness for a moment before it begins again with a quiet resolve, I love reflecting on the year past, whether that's considering how you've grown or just appreciating that you've survived, and setting intentions for the year ahead. 2018 is going to be big--I already have so many plans and goals, so it was important to me to take a quiet moment yesterday to draw this out, partially in celebration of how my art has changed and grown this year, as well as how I may have too.

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