e621 2016 3_fingers 3_toes alakazam alternate_color ambiguous_gender anthro armor biped bottomless breastplate claws clothed clothing english_text fakémon firefightdex flesh_whiskers front_view frying_pan full-length_portrait hatching_(technique) helmet hi_res holding_object horn improvised_weapon looking_at_viewer mammal marker_(artwork) mfanjul mixed_media nintendo pen_(artwork) pokémon pokémon_(species) portrait samurai shadow shoulder_guards simple_background slit_pupils snout solo spread_legs spreading standing text toe_claws toes toony traditional_media_(artwork) video_games white_background white_claws wide_stance yellow_body yellow_horn

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The FireFightDex project, "065 - Alakazam"

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*pan intensifies*

Frying pan samurai. Why the fuck not.