e621 ! 2018 absurd_res animate_inanimate anthro balls big_breasts big_butt big_ears box bra breasts bubble_butt butt canid canine canis cardboard clothed clothing console controller digital_media_(artwork) domestic_dog duo english_text erection female floppy_ears grey_eyes hand_on_breast hand_on_chest hi_res huge_breasts humanoid_penis huztar long_ears male male/female mammal mostly_nude nintendo nintendo_labo nintendo_switch open_mouth penis short_stack smile solo_focus standing switch_dog text thick_penis thick_thighs thong tongue underwear video_games wide_hips

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Sexy AND hilarious at the SAME time ! THAT'S AMAZING !


Nice use of the labo


Guaranteed that she won't get cardboard of it any time soon.


Only the internet could turn kids toys into sex objects.

XD YEP , the one who made that, you won an Internet

...I now have a need for Labo porn

why is this explicit? it's just cardboard made to look vaguely like a penis O~O