e621 2018 4_fingers alpha_channel amphibian anthro bald belt black_clothing black_skin black_tail blouse blue_eyes boots bottomwear breasts cleavage clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) english_text eyewear female fingers fire_belly_newt footwear front_view fully_clothed glistening glistening_eyes gloves goggles goggles_on_head handwear humor japanese_fire_belly_newt kira_(kira) long_tail looking_aside looking_at_viewer looking_up mail-order-superhero medium_breasts multicolored_skin multicolored_tail newt non-mammal_breasts on_one_leg pose pun red_belly red_skin red_spots red_tail salamander_(amphibian) shorts simple_background small_waist smile snout solo spots spotted_skin spotted_tail standing text thick_tail transparent_background two_tone_skin two_tone_tail utility_belt yellow_clothing

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Friend made this for me for my birthday. I don't have a post source for this as it was sent directly to me.

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Looks at safe rating I dunno about that one.