e621 1:1 2018 absurd_res anthro big_ears biped boots cheek_tuft chest_tuft clothed clothing cute_fangs digital_media_(artwork) felid female flower footwear front_view full-length_portrait fully_clothed gloves handwear hi_res holding_object knee_boots long_tail mammal overalls plagueofgripes plant portrait red_eyes simple_background smile solo standing tailypo tuft watering_can weysa_(plagueofgripes) yellow_sclera

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Weysa the Tailypo
I decided to use Wesa, the Cherokee word for 'cat,' as the basis for her name.

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Oh,neat little Creature.

we really need more of you're girls man
great work

As adorable as she is, I'm worried she might turn yandere. The tailypo legend has some nasty versions involving the tailypo eating the thief's dogs, eating the thief, and then burning the now empty house down purely out of spite