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Discord Night taking time off works ,
He encountered an unusual enemy from the deep sea,
How will he handle the "Shark attack "?
Character © DiscordNight
Artwork & Animation ©PassChan


the animation is really good


9/10 sperms would bang again


That dude's brave just casually sticking his dick into a shark's mouth


its so cringy tho..


I don't see anything with a padlock...

Passchan has some real good work ethic. I feel like he could definitely do better in terms of art but it's good



A bit choppy, but very well done for its style of animation.

I assure.


Too much water

Get fuckin' elbow'd m8

Shark dude is my life

Right besides START there is a " + " symbol added after you play through it once , above the T , it should be easy enough for everyone to notice but , better to make sure they don't miss out on them

This animation be like:
Shark - You are already dead~
Surfing dude - *punch, drags on beach, fucks, facefucks, takes him home to fuck again in the shower and fucks again on bed*
Great story and great stamina.
10/10 would watch again.