News - May 01, 2015 (23 days ago)
Upgrade successful!

Please report any strange things in the Bug report thread and thank you for your patience.
Also, do give us some performance feedback, we'd like to know if we got our money's worth out of those sweet new CPUs.

April 3: The tag script source bug has been fixed, feel free to tag script away!

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machinelord said:
enemy predator missile inbound!!!

OH SHIT!!!!!!

machinelord said:
enemy predator missile inbound!!!

Pi 3.1415926532......................


What really should have happened

Twlight i thought u were the clever one... Pi is 3.1415926536..........

I don't think Scoot is gonna live long enough to get her cutie mark anymore...

*deep booming voice* Humiliation!

1...2...Scootaloo's coming for you...

Tactical Pie Incoming