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I don't know, this resonated with me somehow and I had the urge to post this.


Seels are just water dogs


Versperus said:
Seals are just water dogs

Our very own aqua puppers


Awww, so cute, I could just clube you to death. No lie though, I would bury my face in all that floof.


Versperus said:
Seels are just water dogs

Aren't they related more closely to bears?

Not that they don't resemble canines, of course. They have features that are evocative of both felines and canines, so I tend to flip between calling them sea dogs and sea cats. Their young are also called pups, so there's that.

At least it's no elephant-and-hyrax case, where something that looks like a small fuzzy rodent is more closely related to a large grey wrinkly animal than other fellow small fuzzy animals.