e621 2019 abs anthro areola biceps big_breasts big_muscles black_nose blue_eyes blue_sky border breasts breast_squish brown_fur canid canine casual_nudity cheek_tuft cloud convincing_weapon countershade_torso countershading curvaceous day dipstick_ears dipstick_tail eyebrows eyelashes featureless_crotch female fluffy fluffy_tail fox fur gloves_(marking) grass hair half-closed_eyes hourglass_figure huge_breasts inner_ear_fluff leg_markings light looking_away mammal markings melee_weapon multicolored_ears multicolored_fur multicolored_tail muscular muscular_female muscular_thighs navel nipples nude open_mouth orange_fur orange_tail outside pink_areola pink_nipples plant pubic_mound shading_eyes sky small_waist snout socks_(marking) solo squish standing sunlight sword thick_thighs towel tuft vela voluptuous weapon weaselwolf white_border white_fur white_hair white_tail wide_hips

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Damn, she looks strong.

Buff ladies FTW!


Megahottie 11/10


Snoo Snoo material right here and I love it!


wow girl so adorable and muscular