e621 2d_animation animated anthro big_breasts breasts dragon female feretta horn looking_at_viewer lying mis'alia nipples nude on_back on_side presenting pussy rolling_over scalie simple_background sketch solo spreading spread_legs

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Today at 5: Local dragon woman rolls over, multiple casualties from nose bleeds!

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Awesome work Miss F! As always your work is astounding. Love it when artist try new things and give their fans more things to appreciate about them. Such a friendly face you have given her. Very appealing and approachable. I really like that magic trick with her disappearing tail. I hope you are doing most excellent. Thanks for this awesome piece of work to admire.

This is absolutely incredible and she is still by far the best Dragon Waifu to have ever existed. Lovely animation!


She's so gorgeous...


What a tease. I can only imagine how much Feb would want to see this.


AhhhhhhH! Where'd the tail go!!?!?
Confused screams




O my god I wanna marry her


She's cute, sexy and a troll, that's the bedst combination there is.

I love her squarish snout. Deluxe dragon hotness here.

Never-fear, villagers. I've come to lay the dragon!