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...it's becoming clearer, perhaps a bit more.


...Can I phone a friend?


"...Oh! You're hot right now! That's why you took off your skirt! Let me make us some cold smoothies, hopefully that helps keep you cool."


What is mustard? I'll take Ape Tit for $400, Alex.


...You want me to straighten up the room a bit?


You don't like skirts and want me to buy you jeans?


"I think I get it now, you look starved! Come to the kitchen and I'll whip you up a substantial meal."


i wear the skirt, got it


...You want a different skirt that complements your shirt? Cause the skull pattern works, but maybe it can do without the pinks?

Is she standing on the wall?

No, not yet, I'm not that smart, sorry.

*Sees roll of kitchen towels*

Clean... the room?

Oh I seeee..You want me and henchwoman #3 to hook up..well don't worry, I'm working on that and I'm not gonna let some dumb restaining order stop me.


Laundry day...


Don't underestimate density of others!

Yes... taxes...