e621 age_difference anthro arkaid balls brown_eyes brown_hair clitoris cub daughter domestic_cat duo eyelashes father father_and_daughter felid feline felis female flat_chested foreskin fur hair half-erect hi_res incest kneeling male male/female mammal navel nipples one_eye_closed open_mouth parent peeing penis pubes pussy size_difference slightly_chubby solo_focus standing tongue tongue_out urine urine_in_mouth watersports young

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Daddy's special shower

He says it's golden! I like it cos I end up smelling like daddy! (tastes funny, tho!)

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Kugelblitz said:

There is literally no other good reaction to this image


Nyohomygod this is strangely adorable -IN THE DESIGN!
Maybe a bit "sinful" of a concept but I don't care.