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"Welcome, my lucky sslave!"

The giant Lyran Queen slowly crawled towards Alex.

before he had entered the room, the enlightened had put a leash around his neck and a pair of pretty tight, girlish knee socks on his legs.

with a loud, satisfied hiss, the giant cobra towered over him, her wet forked tongue was slipping out of her mouth, smelling the taste of the air around.

"Sssseems, you are ready my dear… Sssse hive needs to grow fassster, and you will be a great help…. to find the best sssemen to produce more eggs!"

"the best what?" Alex replied, but before he could even react, the maw of the cobra-monstergirl opened wide. Her whole upper body bended backwards a bit, as Alex realized, she was in an attacking position.

He tried to run, but it was too late: a gush of paralyzing poison had already escaped the glands of the queen, making Alex unable to move.

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