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Slowly, the queen pulled up Alex´s paralyzed body. He felt the hard structure of her belly-scales rubbing over his back, as the young man was lifted up like a soft toy. The queen pressed his legs together and proudly bended backwards: Right beneath her navel, a giant bulge seemed to await the contact, as Alex´s feet were slowly rubbed over the soft, wet slit. "No Essscape" the Queen hissed into his ear, as his feet slowly began to sink into the giant cunt.

Alex sunk deeper, greedily, the muscles of the queen sucked to draw him into the giant, swollen sex. Almost halfway in, Alex started to feel his legs again and desperately grabbed the slimy scales around the giant snakepussy to get out. His hands glitched over the slimy lubricant as more and more liquids oozed out around his waist "Sssstop Sssstruggling…. be a good Ssssextoy!"

The queen grabbed his head and violently pushed him deeper into her fuckhole. In horror, Alex saw the slimy opening coming closer with every greedy, sucking noise "unnbirthhh is ssssuch a pleasure!"

The giant cunt started to twitch in some kind of spasm, as Alex was sucked in even faster. He was now able to smell the liquids dripping from the queens scaly sex as his shoulders slipped between the giant labia.

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