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Suddenly, something was pulling on Alex neck. He woke up, feeling strangely comfortable inside this warm, tight home. He did not want to go outside now! The pulling grew stronger, something was drawing him upwards, closer to a small slit above his head, where bright light entered the musky, wet hole he was in.

With a wet noise, Alex broke through the tight slit, taking a deep breath: The air out here smelled wonderful! His forked tongue nearly overloaded his brain with new informations and tastes, as the new, still transforming human was pulled out the tight warmth of the giant Lyran pussy.

Nearly done I ssssee!" His mother looked down on Alex, as the rest of his slime-covered body was pulled out of her. The queen grabbed the tail of her newborn, as she drew him close. Alex blushed, as two of her fingers wiped the long lips of his new giant sex clean "you look good" the queen hissed, time to test the fertility of our slaves then!

Before Alex eyes had even become used to the brightness out here, his head was already changing. His whole skull was reforming, as long fangs turned his mouth into a snake maw. Suddenly, his vision was changing, too: everything was dark out of a sudden! behind the door, he saw warm bodies approach... warm bodies he was able to see THROUGH the door now!

"tie her up, sssshe hasss a lot of breeding to do"

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