e621 2019 absurd_res ambiguous_gender animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro balls blush breasts digital_media_(artwork) domination double_oral dragk equid equine equine_penis fan_character fellatio female fur green_eyes group group_sex hair hand_holding hi_res horse kelpie looking_at_viewer male male/ambiguous male_domination male/female mammal medial_ring monster my_little_pony nude open_mouth oral oral_penetration penetration penile penis scylla sex simple_background stripes white_fur zebra

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Scylla Double BJ

Commissioned by ScyllaTheKelpie on Inkbunny.

Cute kelpie gal gets the stripe treatment with a rough Double BJ :3

Hope you liked how it came out!

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They'd be smaller so easier to fit. Give her a 3rd!