You would never have voluntarily agreed to play "monopoly" with three dragons...
And you couldn't have asked me normally?!
...and we're one player short for the fun to begin.
My friends and I have gathered to play a board game...
Yeah-yeah-yeah, spare me your cliches. Don't worry...
You will regret this! I'll command my subjects to disembowel you!!!
Why you filthy beast! How dare you kidnap me!
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But minopoly is fun...


anyone know how to read Russian? Because I don't.

AceSeville said:
anyone know how to read Russian? Because I don't.

The guy who does should be around shortly, not many pics in Russian to translate, so I think he doesn’t feel overwhelmed in translating for us. Thanks, russian speaking bro, you great.


I’ll try my best...

Princess: oh you disgusting monster! how dare you kidnap me -you will regret about what you have done! I will order my subjects to dissect your guts!!!

Dragon: yeh yeh yeh. Going by the classical script. don’t panic... - my friends and I are planing to just play some boardgames... - but for the fun of it we are just missing one player.

Princess: and you couldn’t have NORMALLY told me about this?!

Dragon: you wouldnt voluntarily agree to play MINOPOLY with three dragons.

Princess: Honesty(not sure about that word translation just an ironic “for real though”)


Monopoly with dragons...

I can only imagine the tensions to ensue.