Hi, I want to announce in this note I will study english in a college to improve my translations of my own works so I can do less mistranslations but if you think I still do something wrong you can freely fix the mistranslated note, thanks.
...We're almost there!
Dont stop!...
*Running down the spiral stairs*
Oh shit!
King Vincent has gathered in his throne room with my sister, the Telepath Emilyth and other residents...
Speaking of him... *pant* ...Where's my father?
Don't worry ViVi!
If we survive this war we'll ask the King to let us train together.
e621 armor backpack bag bandage bandoleer blood bodily_fluids boots bow butt canid canine canis clothing death dialogue domestic_dog dress explosion female footwear fur hair hi_res husky jewelry lagomorph leporid mammal nordic_sled_dog power purple_eyes purple_fur rabbit ranged_weapon scarf spanish_text spitz stain text tory_vanyster translated usuario2_(artist) victoria_violeta_(usuario2) weapon webcomic white_fur white_hair wounded

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Welp, now this shit is getting more serious.

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