>too different
it's not true!<
>We can't be together anymore
>I am sorry
e621 choker clothed clothing crop_top crying daughter eyes_closed father_of_the_pride felid female fully_clothed kate_(father_of_the_pride) legwear lion mammal midriff miles_df mother mother_and_daughter navel pantherine parent phone purse shirt shorts sierra_(father_of_the_pride) socks striped_legwear striped_socks stripes tears tissue

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alpha_channel ambiguous_gender american_mythology anthro brown_fur brown_hair chupacabra clothed clothing crying eric_dielli fur green_eyes hair hoodie lemur2003_(artist) looking_at_viewer mythology reaction_image sad simple_background solo tears transparent_background

Rating: Safe
Score: 7
User: Eric_Dielli
Date: September 06, 2018

Sometimes I don't one to this site for the porn, sometimes I just wanna get real sad about the love lives of hypothetical animals.


Bobby was a jerk in the series. She needs this.
abs absurd_res animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro ashendawger athletic bed big_penis cellphone clothing digital_media_(artwork) equid equine equine_penis erection facial_piercing footwear fur green_eyes hi_res looking_at_viewer male mammal mohawk muscular nose_piercing nose_ring on_bed pants penis phone piercing pillow shoes sitting smile solo stripes zebra zeke_white

Rating: Explicit
Score: 19
User: ZekeWhite
Date: March 24, 2019


And every last one of us just wants to hug her and wipe her tears.



As a fellow lion, Sierra, I understand.

I have not seen this series in years!!
Is it still around?