e621 ? ... 4koma armor battle book clipboard clothing coal_(rakkuguy) comic dialogue english_text feathers female group headgear helmet human knight kobold loose_feather magic_user mammal melee_weapon onomatopoeia quill raised_heel rakkuguy robe scales shield sound_effects speech_bubble sweat sweatdrop sword tailwag text tiptoes weapon

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Monsters can be Heroes too!
I'm going to be remaking the original sketches into proper comics.
I hope u like them! ^^

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Why are kobolds so damn adorable?


AlphaHB said:
Why are kobolds so damn adorable?

Because. Period


This is the first page. There are a few other pages, hopefully when the full set is uploaded it'll be put in the correct order.


Binagon said:
technically a class in Fire Emblem

Baconator8 said:
And Dokapon Kingdom too!

And Dragon Quest.* putsunglass on * Yeeeeeeaaaaah!
Besides if the kobold had existed in this game, it would have been a class !

If an elf can be a class - why a kobold can't?
After all, racial paragon class is a thing.


Lady if you can't deal with this cute kobold, some other person would GLADLY do it like myself T-T


Obviously a Rogue, because she's stolen our hearts