e621 <3 anthro bathroom bodily_fluids bottomwear bracelet breasts cate_wurtz cigarette clothing dialogue diaper drugs ear_piercing female female/female footwear friendship_is_magic genital_fluids hat headgear headwear jeans jewelry legwear marijuana mirror my_little_pony pants peeing piercing scarf shirt smile smoking tank_top topwear unknown_species urine watersports wet wetting

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Not cool.

Mildly interesting.


lillianlewd said:
yknow what is cool. understanding how to use a blacklist c:

Lmao, have you seen the stuff I like? I'm def not disturbed nor bothered by this pic at all. Blacklist is for softer sensibilities than mine :)

I was just replying to them saying "cool", which can't be, cuz a full diaper is never cool. Ask any lil' tyke if it is, lol.


lillianlewd said:
full diaps can be fun grrrr

Not saying they can't, I do can imagine there's an appeal to them. Besides, considering the treatment the stuff I like gets here, saying something's "not cool" doesn't register to me as something that someone should be offended about.

I was making wordplay with the characters, not trying to pick a bone with you or your kinks. I don't care about em, and I hope you don't care about mine.