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This could have been amazing.


Would love a longer more knotty version


Part two when?


ForThePlot said:
Someone put this on YouTube under some generic kids toy channel and see how long it stays up

Honestly, I can see why you got downvoted to oblivion. That shit's messed up


VizenFox said:
Honestly, I can see why you got downvoted to oblivion. That shit's messed up

Oh I agree completely.

The problem is that YouTube management really doesn't give a shit. As long as it's an effective bait for the ultimate purpose of delivering ads to eyeballs, YouTube will promote it. Doesn't matter if it's auto-generated text-to-speech fake news, mass-produced creepy-as-fuck "kids nursery rhyme teach colors toy fun", or the now-infamous subgenre of Spiderman-Elsa softcore. As long as parents are irresponsible enough to leave their kid with an iPad on autoplay with no ad blocker, they'll use whatever they can, as long as the fully-automated, no-human-interaction-required systems think it's family friendly.

So yeah, my comment was pretty dark and fucked up, and probably deserves every downvote, but hopefully this explains what I was trying to get at.

The point wasn't to suggest that we should traumatize children for some sick, twisted, sadistic laughs or something; it was to demonstrate that YouTube has no responsible human moderation anymore, especially with family content.