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e621 atimon crossdressing dancing disney drag feral grass_skirt hula leaf male meerkat nude solo the_lion_king timon

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Timon: "Arrrrre you aching-"
Pumba: "Yup, yup."
Timon: "Forrrrr some bacon~?"
Pumba: "Yup, yup."
Timon: "He's a big pig-"
Pumba: "Yup, yup."
Timon: "You can be a big pig too."

1 year ago
^_^ animated canine clothing cute eyes_closed happy male mammal morenatsu open_mouth plain_background shirt shun smile solo tailwag white_background wolf 

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User: vultaire 
Date: April 29, 2012


1 year ago

"...what do you expect me to do?
Dress in drag and do the hula?"