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What's that I smell? A new update? Check out the details here!

In addition, you can now change what title post pages have (the text in your browser's tabs) in your settings if you have an account. If you liked the old "all tags" instead of the new "artist tag only" style, you can change it back!

e621 alexstrasza big_breasts breasts cock_inflation dragon female grottokraft growth heros_(character) huge_breasts hyper hyper_breasts inflation muscle_growth muscles muscular_female nipples orgasm_denial tongue torture video_games warcraft world_of_warcraft wraped

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I think that weird tumor under her chin is actually a penis.

And they tell me bronies are weird.

Saxton_Hale said:
And they tell me bronies are weird.

They are.

All my what.

i like that thing down 'idea by Heros', is like telling us that Alex had nothing to do with it :P