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e621 anthro back back_dimples ball baseball_(ball) baseball_base baseball_bat baseball_cap baseball_uniform bottomless butt canine cherushi crowd felicia_(betawolf) female fox hat mammal pitcher playing_baseball pussy solo sport stadium stance topless uniform wide_hips wolf

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if baseball was like that.. i'd try to understand the whole "home run bat and ball chasing"

Pantsless baseball.... There's definite money to be made there.

Notice the stadium is packed? :3

yep, and the bathrooms are empty

Now, just put a rainstorm, make them sparkle and I'M IN!

I'd like to hit a line drive past that pitcher's mound.

junior6at said:
lol lol

Your lols look like eyes.

Sorry, I'm high.

KitsuneKelso said:
Is it just me, or is this an obvious reference to:

Yes, it's a follow up image.

KitsuneKelso said:
Is it just me, or is this an obvious reference to:

thats weird... I suddenly love baseball!

Obvious outcome-
Strikeout due to full distraction.
No sympathy redo.