e621 2012 amazing black_nose breath_weapon canine curled_horns digital_media_(artwork) drooling falvie feral fire fire_breathing fur grey_fur horn houndoom lava male mammal nintendo open_mouth pokémon pokémon_(species) red_eyes saliva slit_pupils snout solo video_games

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Aw, dammit. *gets incinerated*


This is about as badass as I've seen a Pokemon before, kudos to the artist.

6 years ago
2012 alpha_channel ambiguous_gender armor assault beverage blue_eyes candy cloak clothing duo ear_piercing equine female feral food friendship_is_magic fur grey_fur hair hooves horse jewelry low_res magazine mammal multicolored_hair my_little_pony piercing pony questionable_content racism royal_guard_(mlp) simple_background spike_trotman stripes transparent_background two_tone_hair zebra zecora_(mlp)

Rating: Safe
Score: 3
User: corgi_bread
Date: November 07, 2012


just make it 4:3, lose the watermark and then it'd be my new wallpaper.

6 years ago

Bad.. Good.. He is guy with the fire. >:)
Damn, I wanna caress him! :3

one word....epic!!

i wonder how fireball tastes!
i guess some one made a haduuuken and he did catch it :p

DIQ said:
Bad.. Good.. He is guy with the fire. >:)
Damn, I wanna caress him! :3

Therefore, you want to caress PAIN.

Can I hug him?


Great artwork, congrats to the artist lol

Freakin' sweet! Burger King brought back the Angry Whopper.

Don't mind me, just grabbing a new avatar