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I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but when Discord said "Hm! Looks loke a plot hole" I instant-rimshoted in my head.

Crossbow1701 said:
oh and Twi got no horn.

Yes she does. Check again.

Hey, what song is this? I don't watch TV, but I hear it in commercials alot in the other room.

DJKat said:
Hey, what song is this? I don't watch TV, but I hear it in commercials alot in the other room.

Alex Clare - Too Close

You probably hear it allot because it was used as the song for the Internet Explorer 9 commercial... but don't hate the song because it was related to IE, it's actually pretty good.

Love the song choice

Well.... this was bound to happen at one point anyway.

no cum.......needs cum

Greatest pair ever!

I see a little horse, goat and lion in there...

And I am just looking at the dick

I almost puked... Not hating it. Great art and animation.. Just wrong.... Genders.. Or something.

Can I get a source, 'cause this shit shoulda come out already.

Oh damn.....Discord...don't look us in the eye....

NewbKitteh said:
Yes she does. Check again.

YOU check again. I can confirm that she lacks her horn on page 2.