News - Apr 14, 2014 (4 days ago)

ALL USERS: Please assign a working e-mail address to your account. It does not have to be your primary or main account, but it does have to be something you have access to on a regular basis.

This is for if you run into an issue where you cannot recall your password, or if it doesn't work for any other reason, you can reset it immediately instead of waiting on an admin to receive your request.

Under no circumstances will an administrator or moderator of e621, an employee of Dragonfruit, or an employee of Bad Dragon ever ask you for your password. If you encounter that situation, contact website management immediately.

e621 abs anthro bandage barazoku bear biceps big_muscles blue_eyes blue_fur blue_hair blue_nose blue_theme boar bracelet brown_fur bulge canine cetacean chest_tuft clothed clothing cloud ear_piercing eyes_closed eyewear fangs feline fur goggles green_eyes grin group hair half-dressed jewelry kemono kenn male mammal marine muscles nipples one_eye_closed open_mouth open_shirt orca ork outside pecs piercing porcine raised_arm sea shirt shorts sky snorkel speedo splash standing stripes surprise swimsuit tiger tongue topless tuft tusks water wet whale white_fur wolf

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