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▼ Description

Mey Mey's intention was to summon a fun, friendly submissive demoness. This carefree dabbling in the black arts quickly back-fired when the summoning rite was mysteriously altered and in turn, was executed improperly .The demoness Luzella was summoned instead. With Luzella being far from submissive, Mey Mey undoubtedly found herself with much more then she bargained for.

▼ The Accidental Summon of Luzella

“I suppose I could give you your next lesson in submission. Go ahead and turn around and spread your thighs for me.”

Mey Mey quickly complied, and turned around so she was facing away from her Mistress. She spread her thighs widely, and gave Mistress a almost perfect view of her ass. She smiled and looked back to her Mistress, her heavy balls and cock hanging freely between her legs. “Like this Mistress?” Mey Mey said playfully.

“Perfect my dear.” Luzella responded, and lifted her cock, and prodded the head of her massive horsecock right against her wanting asshole. She started to push in, and reached out, and grabbed a tuft of Mey Mey’s hair, and yanked it back roughly. As she yanked, with her arms, she thrust with her hips, and plunged the cock deep into the anal cavity of her whore.

Mey Mey screamed out, not expecting to be filled in one go, but she didn’t really care, she was in heaven. Her jaw dropped as she gasped, being overcome with pleasure. Drool spilled from the sides of her mouth as she gyrated her hips a bit, as if to welcome the new invader to its new home.

“Holy fuck!” Luzella moaned out, as she started to thrust gently into her girls’ ass hole. “I’d be willing to bet you’ve never taken it up the ass before, have you?”

Mey Mey shook her head and moaned. “No Mistress LuLu, this is my first time.”

“And it will not be your last my dear.” Luzella quipped, as she began to increase the speed of her thrusts, while letting go of Mey Mey’s hair. Luzella reached up, and began to twiddle with her nipple rings, arching her back, and leaning her head back in ecstasy.

Mey Mey’s head drooped a bit, as she panted heavily, her eyes shut tightly. Drool was spilling freely from her gaping mouth, and down to the floor.

Luzella reached up, and placed her hands on the stone, and braced herself for her coming orgasm. “Be ready my dear, t-this one is going to be a big one!”

Mey Mey nodded, and prepared herself, moaning loudly, as her own cock, was nearing its climax.

Luzella screamed out, and came, shooting an almost endless supply of the warm cum into the anal cavity of her whore. The sheer pressure and force of Luzella’s load, caused the cock to pop from Mey Mey’s tight ass, and swing around, being propelled by the cum still gushing out of it, spraying the floor with demon cum.

Mey Mey couldn’t take it anymore, and just as Luzella came in her ass, she too came, shooting her load all across the floor, and on the spell book that was still sitting on the stone podium. She moaned and looked back to her Mistress. Cum poured from Mey Mey’s ass, and leaked down her crack, and onto her balls and shaft. The cum dripped from her balls and started splattering on the floor. Mey Mey was spent, and she didn’t think she could take another fucking.


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Date: March 08, 2013

Ooooh!.. Sweet!

i like lucien more and more