e621 abdominal_bulge anthro canine collar comic cum cum_inflation digimon digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) duo english_text excessive_cum female fox fur hair inflation mammal monochrome red_eyes renamon rodent s'zira s-nina sex_toy sketch spot_color squirrel text

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Really awesome. ^^ I hope there is more sometime.

GaudiumManet said:
Really awesome. ^^ I hope there is more sometime.

well its been two months and nothing so maybe not but it would be awesome if there was


I give her a "D" for effort.


Poor girl. I feel sorry for her.


Hows she gonna...ya know...crap?

Nosexytimesforyou said:
Hows she gonna...ya know...crap?

She isnt gonna XD

Good comic but it could be better. Needs colour and the speech bubbles could do with some work. I could hardly read what was being said.