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e621 anthro blue_fur blue_hair can't_enjoy canine drama eating english_text female fox fur furaffinity hair internet krystal mammal nintendo screencap solo star_fox text unknown_artist video_games white_fur

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the vole
6 years ago
2012 anthro canine caption clothing cowboy edit english_text eyewear felixthefox fox glasses gloves gun hat holding holding_weapon lol_comments low_res male mammal meme ranged_weapon scarf simple_background solo steampunk text weapon west_(artist)

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User: FelixTheFox
Date: March 20, 2012

uhh, wot?

Lol failfinity.
It's going down the shits anyway.
Sexy new art site coming soon that will humiliate that joke site even more =3.

Someone is browsing bestiality boards.

Someone knows what bestiality boards look like.


only evil people know what evil looks like

@Munkelzahn your avatar makes it impossible to be taken seriously.