e621 anthro blue_fur blue_hair can't_enjoy canine drama eating english_text female fox fur furaffinity hair internet krystal mammal nintendo screencap solo star_fox text unknown_artist video_games white_fur

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the vole
8 years ago
anthro avoid_posting clothed clothing ear_piercing female gloves guoh low_res piercing reaction_image scalie shirt solo thumbs_up

Rating: Safe
Score: 32
User: CrackParrot
Date: July 13, 2017
Deleted: takedown #6515: Artist requested removal

uhh, wot?

Lol failfinity.
It's going down the shits anyway.
Sexy new art site coming soon that will humiliate that joke site even more =3.

Someone is browsing bestiality boards.

Someone knows what bestiality boards look like.

7 years ago
69_position 9/11 aircraft airplane animate_inanimate anthro anthrofied avian balls beak bird blue_background blue_feathers building cloud cum cumshot cunnilingus ejaculation english_text erection feathers fellatio female glans grey_body group holding_penis humanoid_penis humor johnny_ryan living_aircraft living_machine lol_comments long_tongue machine male male/female markings masturbation ms_paint not_furry_focus nude oral orgasm outside penile_masturbation penis pubes public pussy red_markings sex simple_background sky skyscraper tail_feathers text tongue toony vaginal voyeur what white_body why

Rating: Explicit
Score: -1027
User: Munkelzahn
Date: September 16, 2013

only evil people know what evil looks like

@Munkelzahn your avatar makes it impossible to be taken seriously.